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Why Real Estate in Costa Rica is a Good Addition to your Portfolio of Investments

Costa Rica, a Spanish name that means ‘rich coast’, is most apt for a place blessed with a mild climate and lush with beautiful beaches and exotic plants and animals. And apart from being a tropical hotspot of natural wonders, the country now has enhanced financial and social services for local and foreign investors alike. Here’s why realtors and investors of real estate in Costa Rica and across the globe are taking a closer look. 

Economic/Financial Benefits

Properties in Costa Rica are subject to fluctuations—the kind that investors are mostly happy about. The only movement Costa Rica properties do is up. Annually, they’re estimated to rise by at least 10%, and on worst market conditions, their value stays the same.

Realtors advise that you must first decide on the specific property you are looking for—whether it is vacation home or a viable investment.  Determining the purpose that the properties in Costa Rica would serve will enable competent agents like those in Dominical Real Estate to find suitable ones for you. An agent can show you income-generating properties along the Central Valley metropolitan areas, where most of the country’s prime business and service institutions are located.  Owning properties along the waterfront, though, is strictly controlled. 

Environmental Benefits

To stay true to its name, the Costa Rican government has taken steps to protect its beaches and flora and fauna. This country’s vigilance over its natural resources got the Environmental Performance Index to rank Costa Rica fifth in the world for sound environmental policy for public health and vital ecosystem. Costa Rica continues to be a popular destination among water sports enthusiasts, backpackers, and vacationers on the watch for promising refuge islands. Its island fare of abundant fruits and seafood served in dining eateries and resort hotels add to the allure of vacation packages to this country. 

Government Services

Property ownerships here do not require you to pay capital gains tax; property tax is only 1% of its total value. The country grants the same property ownership right to citizens and foreigners. Medical care in hospitals, especially those in the metropolitan area, provide world-class healthcare, which makes the country a premier choice among medical tourists for major procedures such as eye surgery and joint replacements. These benefits accorded to foreigners make Costa Rica an attractive addition to your portfolio of investments. 

Published Monday, October 15, 2012 9:54 PM by Saul Rasminsky

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