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  • Eco Friendly Costa Rica

    Written by Jason Mueller
     Costa Rica is the ideal country for anyone to relocate to that is conscious about their footprint on mother earth. Costa Rica is the perfect place for anyone looking to retire and they can even do it on a budget when saving money living a greener lifestyle. This pristine piece of paradise is very popular for tourism coming to see the abundance of wildlife and beauty within. The countries residents and government are very conscious about keeping Costa Rica as beautiful as it was before tourism became the number one income earner for the country. You must learn how to become more sustainable before you step foot in this country in order to pay your full respect.

    This is a peaceful country where you will rarely find a negative confrontation. In fact, Costa Rica renounced their army in in 1949 making it one of 15 countries with no army. The prior military budget was put towards culture, health and education. The most popular words that come from every one's mouth is “pura vida” This translates to pure life and seems to be a way of life for laid back locales.

    Costa Rica is rich in bio-diversity from coast to coast. The country is incredibly small with only 19,730 square miles. That equals .03% of the surface of the globe. However, the country is proud to say that it is home to 5% of the total biodiversity in the world.

    Over 25% of the countries land is protected by national parks and conservation areas. The government even pays landowners to conserve their own private land, this is referred to as “selling the air, yes you can even make extra money while doing your part to save the planet in Costa Rica.

    Roughly 50% of Costa Rica is forested and 7.5% of that is classified as primary forest. Primary forest is the most bio-diverse forest known or unknown to man whichever way you look at it. Primary forest means that there are no clear indications of human activities and the ecological processes are left undisturbed.

    Renewable Energy

    When you turn on the lights or use any sort of electricity in Costa Rica you can feel a little better about your decision knowing that the country runs nearly 100% on renewable energy. In 2016 the country ran for more than two months straight on 100% renewable energy. They accomplished this task twice. That means the country ran for 150 days on 100% renewable energy. One of the biggest goals for the country is to be completely running on renewable energy in the near future.
    Costa Rica is giving huge incentives for those looking to go green and import an EV. Import custom duty taxes of 52.29% on new vehicles and 79% for vehicles 6 years or older make vehicles super expensive in Costa Rica and fully electric vehicles under $30,000 are 100% exempt from customs taxes. Also, there is a 10-year exemption for EV parts.

    ECO Tours

    The country does capitalize on the natural ecology for tourism that is for sure. There is an abundance of eco tours to choose from. The most popular eco-tours are the nature tours such as monkey tours, tree top tours, crocodile tours, and turtle tours. Many of the beaches are protected areas for turtles to nestle, only certain guided tours are allowed to explore these beaches. It is highly recommended that a guide accompanies you into the wild because there is so much that you would miss if you were all alone.

    There are 9 volcanoes in Costa Rica and all of them are a sight to see. The most popular and spectacular ones are Poas, Irazu, and Arenal. Turrialba has recently been active in 2016 and the beginning of 2017 canceling some flights in and out of the San Jose International Airport.

    Manuel Antonio National Park is the most visited park in the country and is only 45 KM from Dominical. There are 184 species of birds in the park and 109 species of mammals. Monkeys are the main attraction and you are certain to spot one when visiting the park. The trails within the park are in great condition offering an easy path for elders to enjoy the scenery. The white sand beaches within the park are the perfect place to relax for the day.

    One of the best ways to really appreciate the land is to join a tour that teaches you all about the agriculture in Costa Rica. There is an organic pineapple tour and organic coffee tours. Saint Michaels Organic Farm offers free education for sustainable farming, they also welcome volunteers looking for a free place to stay, look for them on WWOOF.

    Adventure meets eco-tour with the affluence of zip line canopy tours in the country. Many people don’t know it but zip lining was first invented in Costa Rica. Biologists first used this method in Costa Rica to access previous unreachable and unexplored rainforests.

    A Canadian expat, Jason Muller is currently living in Costa Rica and operating a small business. Jason enjoys travelling to many exotic locations and enjoyed meeting new people and telling related stories. Life is short, live your dream.


  • Guide to Importing a Car and Other Household Items into Costa Rica

    Written by Jason Mueller         

    It’s understandable why anyone would want to move to Costa Rica. The country has a majestic landscape, exciting outdoor activities, low cost of living, favorable foreigner/expatriate policies and ample working opportunities. Costa Rica is however known for high import duties. Living in Costa Rica as a foreigner is easy. Moving is the main hurdle especially if you want to move with your car and personal belongings such as household items. To move seamlessly, there are several things you must know/understand.

    Laws and regulations
    Costa Rica's Customs Law has several articles relating to the importation of used goods/items. Duty varies depending on several factors i.e. when and how you import the goods. Here’s an important criteria to consider.
    Your household items are exempt from duty if; you are an adult who is importing the goods for personal use (not for sale). The items must also be used (at least 6 months old) and the importer must enter Costa Rica within three months (90 days) prior to custom clearance. If your shipment meets the above criteria, your household items will be exempt of duty. If you have new items, duty is based on CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) as well as the value of those items. It is worth noting it is cheaper to ship more items.

    Shipping a vehicle
    Shipping a vehicle to Costa Rica is costly (costs more than shipping household items). Total costs vary depending on factors such as the; tax, size of the car, age of the car, how the car is shipped (i.e., in a container). It’s worth noting that taxation is charged against the original price, not the age or condition. The average retail value of the car is considered. The import value of a car can be established in the Ministry of Treasury Valuation Database: .

    Total cost of importing a car to Costa Rica is highest for older car models. Cars manufactured in 1999 or earlier pay approximately 80%. Cars manufactured in 2000 to 2004 pay approximately 65% while those manufactured earlier i.e. 2004 and earlier pay approximately 55%.
    International moving companies such as A-1 Auto Transport Inc. can assist with moving household goods and vehicles to Costa Rica. For more information visit

    Important considerations


    After considering the cost of shipping your car and household items to Costa Rica, you may become reluctant. However, most foreign residents, as well as Costa Ricans, prefer imported goods from countries like the U.S. because they are of better quality. If you value quality, you may want to go ahead and import. If you don’t mind living without luxuries, you can consider living in furnished apartments or consider what you need locally. Remember, what you need to import solely depends on your own preferences and budget. However, don’t ship what you can get cheaply or easily in Costa Rica. You should also make an effort to declutter before shipping. Also, avoid bulky items to avoid excessive shipping and taxation costs. It may also be smart to talk to foreign residents in advance just to get firsthand insights.

    Port proximity

    You should also consider shipping from the nearest port. If you live in the U.S. for instance, you should ship your car and household items from Miami, the U.S. port that is nearest to Costa Rica to enjoy lower shipping costs.

    Tax waivers on household items

    Foreign residents in Costa Rica are allowed to import merchandise worth $500 tax-free after every 6-months. This waiver is in addition to regular traveler’s luggage. You can take advantage of this waiver to import the items you need overtime. However, you must not exceed the $500 limit to avoid additional charges and customs restrictions.

    Container shipping

    It is very expensive to import large items by air. For items such as refrigerators, washing machines, etc. that exceed 500 pounds, consider shipping such items in a large container. You can choose a large or small container (40-foot or 20-foot). It costs approximately $1,500 including tax to ship items to Costa Rica using a 20-foot container. Large 40-foot containers cost approximately $2,000.

    You need a customs agent to get all your household items and belongings (such as your car) out of customs seamlessly. You can find a reputable customs agent by conducting a simple search online or asking for referrals.

    Required documents

    Documents required to clear a shipment through customs include; a copy of your passport (the main page) plus the page containing last entry. This is required for your shipment to be treated as personal effects given customs must clear personal items within 90 days of a person’s arrival. You also need a packing inventory showing the value of the declared items. If the items are imported via air, you need an original airway bill. Freight forwarders send airway bills with shipments. Airline agents usually give you this document after you pay Terminal handling fees.

    The above information summarizes the process of importing a car and other household items into Costa Rica. Since it is a lengthy and tedious process, most people prefer paying custom brokers/agents to handle everything on their behalf. It may cost more; however, you will save valuable time and effort.

    Best of luck and pura vida!
    A Canadian expat, Jason Muller is currently living in Costa Rica and operating a small business. Jason enjoys travelling to many exotic locations and enjoyed meeting new people and telling related stories. Life is short, live your dream.
  • Manuel Antonio National Park

                                                       Manuel Antonio National Park - The most visited of Costa Rica's parks.

    Located in Central Pacific Area in a small conservation National Park.
    Know for its Banana boat rides, beautiful beaches, hiking trials, and their mammals and tons of species of birds. 

    Manuel Antonio beach offers you the banana boat ride adventure for a great price. Perfect for a group of friends that just want to take a wild ride in to our oceans! This consist of an inflatable  in a shape of a banana being pulled by a boat and just drifting away while enjoying the beautiful sites.

    This Costarican beach is just amazing with its crystal clear waters, no danger what so ever and perfect for 1st time surfers.
    An awesome get away for friends and family to enjoy a nice and peaceful vacation. This beach is known for its calm waves, warm waters, quiet and relaxing.
    The beach is a long stretch of clean sand. So natural but still not isolated!

    This beach offers you an amazing hiking experience where you get to see all kinds of animals like the 2 toed sloths, over 184 species of birds like the kingfisher, brown pelican, laughing falcon, 4 different type of monkeys and iguanas recharging in the sunlight. A great place to enjoy the natural wildlife. 

    There are 5 different types of trials.
    The Main Trail: which is a 1/2 mile long on sandy land, this trial passes by mangrove swamps on its way to the beaches.
    The Cathedral Point Trail: An outcropping of land that used to be an island but is now joined to the mainland, the trail might be a little slippery at times but only in the rainy season.
    The Trampa Trail: Connects the beginning and end of Cathedral Point Trail, a very short path.
    The Playa Gemelas: A mile walk through the forest to two other beaches of the same names.
    The Mirador Trail: The most challenging climb close to a mile long to a beautiful lookout gazer.
    6There's more to Manuel Antonio National Park - from horse back riding to snow cones and live music to jet skiing and drinking fresh coconut water.

    Domincal Real Estate is located only 30 minutes from Manuel Antonio National Park, one of the great things about living here is that you can go and enjoy the beaches any time you want! Many people decide to buy property here because of Manuel Antonio and all that it has to offer!!!!
    Here is the link to one of our featured listings in the Manuel Antonio area.......

  • Real Estate for Sale in Costa Rica: Attractive Options for Retirees

    Posted by Saul Rasminsky

    Every person has his or her idea of what makes the ideal retirement location. Many pre-retirees are drawn to places where the climate is mild and senior-friendly amenities are plenty, while some favor neighborhoods close to urban centers with top-notch healthcare and entertainment facilities as well as opportunities for employment. Still others are content to stay put in their current communities and enjoy the retirement lifestyle choices and benefits in store for them.
    Real Estate for Sale in Costa Rica: Attractive Options for Retirees
    For those who decide to retire in another state or even country, comfort, security, and the availability of healthcare and other essential services are paramount. Incidentally, Costa Rica scores high on all these aspects as well as those pertaining to cost of living, retirement infrastructure, ease of integration, and real estate. A recent Tico Times article sums up the findings of an International Living report as regards the top retirement destinations in the world.

    "This year's ranking states that Costa Rica’s “legacy of year-round warm weather, as well as longtime political stability and public safety” earn the country a ranking in the top 10.

    The publication also highlights the country's health care system and states that Costa Rica “is still going strong because the country continues to tick the boxes of those looking for their place in the sun. Plus, because of its long history as an expat haven, it’s easier than ever to start a new chapter in your life.”"

    International Living also cites the affordable yet high standard of living in Costa Rica as a key factor why as many as 20,000 U.S. expatriates and retirees choose to take up residence in this Central American nation. It also helps that the country is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty, biodiversity, and pleasant temperatures throughout the year. Such factors make it quite clear why prime real estate for sale in Costa Rica, whether along the coast or further inland, has enjoyed stable demand from international buyers.

    Whether you’re looking for an investment property or somewhere you could comfortably retire, you’ll want to work with a trusted real estate firm—such as Dominical Real Estate—that knows the local property market quite well. When considering the best options in relation to real estate for sale in Costa Rica, it certainly pays to have a reliable expert by your side.

    (Article Information and Image from Costa Rica still one of the best retirement destinations, says International Living magazine, Tico Times, 6 January 2014)
  • Costa Rica Real Estate: Stable Demand despite Modest Growth Prospects

    Posted by Saul Rasminsky

    With its breathtaking natural beauty, high quality of life, and remarkable economic and political stability, it’s no wonder that a lot of folks looking for investment or retirement properties seek to own a piece of real estate in Costa Rica, also known as the Switzerland of Central America. Quite a number of businesses are also drawn to this tiny nation (bordered by Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the southeast) due to the relative ease with which they can set up operations, as well as the highly skilled workforce and the general affordability of commercial real estate.
    Costa Rica Real Estate: Stable Demand despite Modest Growth Prospects
    Tourism is another major contributor the country’s economy, with as many as 2.3 million tourists arriving each year and consequently generating about 2.2 million dollars in revenue. In an article for World Property Channel, Michael Klein sums up the recent developments in Costa Rica’s real estate market as follows:

    "While the first-boom buyers bought for investment, buyers now are buying for lifestyle and income. Interest in land or plots to build on in particular is predicted to see a larger focus during the remainder of this decade. Costa Rica's inventory of both mountain and coastal land plots and parcels is larger this decade as many first-boom investors have now shifted money into land purchases rather than more condominium development and resales. 

    Evidence of a rapid recovery or the start of a "second boom" can be found in the Costa Rica news media. Recent surveys show an uptick in 2013 inventories and upward trend in sales and prices, citing better international awareness, buyer demographics, improved U.S. economy and higher consumer confidence as primary factors."

    While Klein maintains that the current real estate boom is not as spectacular as the one that took place before the global economic slowdown, private and commercial real estate in Costa Rica nonetheless remains a hot commodity. The key is to time one’s purchase precisely and to snap up available land or property while prices are still favorable. Interested investors can enjoy a wide range of choices when it comes to prime properties along the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines.

    Property buyers are also advised to do business with reputable Costa Rica real estate agents who know the lay of the land and either originate from or have lived in the country for quite some time. Experts from trusted firms like Dominical Real Estate can offer interested investors access to a convenient Multiple Listing Service that lets them search for available residential, commercial, or ranch properties.

    (Article Information and Image from Second Boom in Costa Rica: Slow and Steady, World Property Channel, 19 December 2013)
  • Retiring Soon? Why Not Find Real Estate for Sale in Costa Rica Today?

    Posted by Saul Rasminsky

    People who have lived their whole lives under the shadow of a huge metropolis, nourished by the dynamic energy of bustling streets and fast-paced days, more often than not inevitably seek out a more quiet and serene destination to live out the rest of their non-working lives. If you are one of these people, look no further than one of the richest coasts in Central America, renowned for its natural beauty and quiet splendor: Costa Rica.


    Americans in the Heart of the Americas

    A article about an American expat couple conveys the sentiments why many people, at retirement, go looking for real estate for sale in Costa Rica.

    They considered the southern U.S. and Mexico, but ultimately opted for Costa Rica in part because of the natural beauty, the decent and affordable health care and the “friendly people—both expats and Ticos,” says Gloria. They liked that the country has had a stable democracy for years, says Paul: “We just wouldn’t feel comfortable in a place where the government is unstable or there is a strong anti-American sentiment.”

    An Oasis amidst Caribbean Chaos

    Statistics presented from studies in Britain’s International Centre for Prison Studies have shown that Caribbean states closely approach the top ten countries with the most number of incarcerations. While Costa Rica borders the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, the country is quite peaceful and law abiding, compared to its neighbors (it has been so, in fact, since 1949).

    Glorious Green and Wonderful Wildlife

    Costa Rica’s natural beauty is unlike any other in the world – from the hidden treasures of the Caribbean deeps to the lush, untamed jungles and exalted mountains. There you can tour the Tortuguero Canals to see the mysteries of life amongst the swamplands, or trek atop Chirripo Mountain, the largest in the country.

    A Pinch of Convenience for Flavor

    You’d be wrong to suppose that a place as nature-oriented as Costa Rica wouldn’t have the ordinary convenience of everyday life. As a matter of fact, dependable taxis, high-speed internet, and an affordable health care system are highly functional in the country.

    With all of these perks packed in a neat, small, but fiercely beautiful bundle of a country that is Costa Rica, it’s no wonder that many retirees check out Costa Rica real estate for sale from companies like Dominical Real Estate. How about you, have you thought of your ultimate retirement destination?



    (Article Information and Image from Retire Here, Not There: Costa Rica, Market Watch)

  • Costa Rica Real Estate and Retirement: How to Live Cost-effectively

    Posted by Saul Rasminsky

    Moving to Costa Rica, this “Little Switzerland” of Central America, is a thrilling prospect for many people. If you are one of the multitude thinking of purchasing real estate in Costa Rica, but are worried that you might end up stretching your finances too thin, you might be surprised to learn how affordable living in the country is. Marcel Evans attempts to lay it down for you in his article for the Costa Rica Star:
    In piecing it all together, I estimated that if someone said (cost of living in Costa Rica) was inexpensive now, then it could be, in fact, possible to live cheaply in Costa Rica. And since moving here, that has precisely been my experience. For July, I decided to find out exactly how cheaply I could live here. I did pretty well.

    For the month of July, I lived on roughly $715. By lived I mean that it is now August and I’m still alive. Very little more, very little less. To put my expenses into context, I live in an efficiency apartment in Jacó, Costa Rica and I don’t own a car. Here is a basic breakdown of the outflow of dollars during July.

    Housing: $240
    Utilities (electric/internet): $25
    Online Services: $60
    Transportation (taxis): $5
    Food: $200
    Cigarettes: $100
    Fees: $30
    Entertainment: $55

    Do you think this is workable for you? Then moving to Costa Rica can be a really smart decision on your part. To help make the transition even easier, here are some Costa Rica home buying tips that you should know:

    Ask yourself first: how long do you plan to stay in the country? Five years? Longer? If you plan to live full time in Costa Rica, renting should be out of the equation. By buying a property, you’ll have little to worry about in terms of the tourism industry, the health of the local economy, and the real estate market.

    Another thing you can do to make moving to Costa Rica even simpler is to take only the most important items with you when you move. Shipping all your items to Costa Rica can get expensive, not to mention unnecessary since many items are already available in the country. It can be more cost- effective to pack light and buy the items that you need when you arrive. 

    For help regarding your Costa Rica real estate purchase, brokers like Dominical Real Estate can provide you with all the tools and information you’ll ever need.

    (Article information and image from Living Cheaply in Costa Rica, Costa Rica Star, Aug. 10, 2013)
  • Retiring? Why Buying Real Estate For Sale in Costa Rica is a Good Idea

    Posted by Saul Rasminsky

    The massive recession in 2009 devastated the finances of many people of many countries, including those from the U.S. Between dwindling savings and an economy in recovery, many are feeling the need to reevaluate their retirement plans. Unfortunately, most are discovering that they cannot afford to retire in the USA.

    So what to do? Where to live? Purchasing real estate for sale in Costa Rica may be the solution. AARP, Inc., formerly the American Association of Retired Persons, explains why:

    Costa Rica is where you go to live the lush life. It is lush with nature—misty rain forests, extraordinary wildlife, and fabulous beaches—as well as such comforting amenities as malls, supermarkets, restaurants, museums, and social clubs. U.S. retirees have flocked here for years, drawn by its mild climate, its prosperity (relative to other Central American republics), its literacy rate, its health care, and, significantly, its stable government—with no army. Another plus: Costa Rica's commitment to a thriving natural park system that is second to none in Latin America. This is as biodiverse a country as you’ll find anywhere.

    There are approximately 50,000 U.S. citizens in Costa Rica. That's already a large percentage of the country's overall population, considering that Costa Rica's inhabitants number around 4.7 million. Expats can be found in almost every town, which is something that can't be said about many other Latin American countries.

    "There are a lot of Ticos (that's what Costa Ricans call themselves) who speak good English. Those who don't, go out of their way to communicate in some way,” says Skip Anderton, retiree from Texas who moved to Costa Rica in 2009. “There is a lot of sign language and a lot of smiling. Everyone is most helpful."

    For those planning to move here permanently, you must apply for and receive legal residency. The process takes a bit of effort, as you will need to obtain certain documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, police good conduct report, and the like. Those who are on a pension or social security are required to have an income of $1,000 per month.

    It would also be helpful if you visit the country a few times to see how living here suits you. Later, you'll be more confident  when you purchase real estate for sale in Costa Rica. Feel free to discuss your purchase plans with companies like Dominical Real Estate. The expertise of these firms will ensure that you find the right property with which to start the next chapter of your life.

    (Article Excerpt and Image from Costa Rica, AARP the Magazine, September/October 2010)
  • Gone South: Why is that Retirees Are Buying Real Estate in Costa Rica?

    Posted by Saul Rasminsky

    Buying a home for your family would count as one of the most important investments you've ever made. However, soon after the kids have flown the coop to start their own families, you wonder, along with other many American seniors whether it is still practical  to keep your home, or start over in a smaller house in another part of town.  After all, the priorities and needs are different now, and the  funds may just be right for a household of one or two.

    Recently, CNN Money released its recommendations for the best places to retire in America, and in their opinion, a city from the Tar Heel State topped the list:

    Raleigh, N.C.
    This state capital's thriving economy and proximity to top universities have long made it a prime relocation destination.....From 2000 to 2010 the city's population of 55- to 64-year-olds shot up by 97%, according to the Brookings Institution.

    Raleigh provides a big-city feel with a low cost of living; mild, four-season weather; and, thanks to all those medical schools, world-class health care.

    You don’t even have to confine your search within the country’s 50 states. About 50,000 retired Americans have crossed the southern border to buy real estate in Costa Rica to spend their golden years there. Expats can obtain residency status by proving that they receive at least $1000 in pension, Social Security, or retirement funds. Once they do, they can then enroll in the country’s top-notch public health-care system for a small monthly stipend. International Living Magazine says that health-care costs in Costa Rica is only about a third to a fifth of what it would cost stateside, and even private health insurance is markedly cheaper.

    Many retirees live comfortably there on just $1000-$2000 a month, nearly impossible in the States. On that monthly budget, a retiree  need not sacrifice some luxuries like cable TV, internet, cell phones, and the occasional dinner out to enjoy his life in the new country.

    The pleasant weather in Costa Rica is also a popular draw for retirees. In the Central Valley, people experience spring-like weather year-round, and homes rarely need heating or air-conditioning. Those who want warmer temperatures move closer to areas like Dominical with its popular beaches. 

    If you think Costa Rica is the right place for you in which to retire, contact reliable Costa Rica real estate agents such as those from Dominical Real Estate to inquire about available property listings.

    (Article Excerpt and Image from 10 Best Places To Retire In America In 2013, The Huffington Post, 29 October 2013)
  • Want to Be Happy? Then Invest in Costa Rica Real Estate Right Now!

    Posted by Saul Rasminsky

    Costa Rica might as well be one of the best places to live on the planet, according to the United Nations in an article from the Tico Times:

    Costa Rica might as well be one of the best places to live on the planet, according to the United Nations in an article from the Tico Times:

    Costa Rica still ranks among the world’s happiest countries according to the United Nation’s 2013 World Happiness Report released Tuesday. Ticos are ranked as the 12th happiest people on Earth out of 156 countries. Costa Rica also was ranked 12th in the 2012 report.

    Its No. 12 spot puts Costa Rica’s happiness ahead of every other country in Latin America, trailed by Panama (15) and Mexico (16), and at No. 2 in the Western Hemisphere, topped only by Canada (6). The U.S. ranked 17th, a marked drop from last year’s 11th place. 

    The report analyzed data from surveys conducted between 2010 and 2012. While traditional happiness indicators like per-capita gross domestic product and life expectancy were considered in ranking happiness, other factors like the availability of social support and the perceptions of corruption and generosity were also included.

    The report also concluded that the “happiness rating” in the country didn't change much for the 2010-2012 period, similar to when the same survey was conducted between 2005 and 2007. However, the UN also noted that those who live in Latin America are generally happier than those who live elsewhere. Costa Rica is also ranked together with Chile (5th) as one of the “most emotional” countries in the world, which can possibly be attributed to the country's vibrant culture and beautiful scenery.

    A lot can be done with these survey results, although it's not a stretch to say that they proved just how lucrative investing in real estate in Costa Rica can be. Firms like Dominical Real Estate even specialize in specific provinces simply because tourists and investors alike have their hands full finding the “best place to stay” in the country. The province of Dominical, for instance, is a well-known haven for surfers, jet skiers, and others who're interested in water sports.

    Of course, people should still be careful even when visiting one of the happiest places on Earth today. The US government recommends caution when swimming in the country's beaches since the currents can change dramatically in an instant. Even buying real estate in Costa Rica may warrant the help of a lawyer, especially if the buyers aren't familiar with the country's property laws.

    (From Costa Rica Ranks 12th in World Happiness Report, Tico Times, September 10, 2013)





  • Company Specializing in Real Estate for Sale in Costa Rica Entices Clients With Live Surf Webcam

    Posted by Saul Rasminsky

    Yes, we are known as the company that specializes in real estate for sale in Costa RicaAs one of the most trusted realtors, we can give you thousands of reasons why you should buy a property in this country. But we have thought of something better – we'll just show you how great Costa Rica is!

    We have installed a Dominical Surf Webcam on our site so you can see the pristine waters and the exciting surfing activity in the area from the comforts of your home. You will be able to watch people surfing and riding the waves. And if you decide you want to move to Dominical and experience the place yourself, instead of watching it from a webcam, we're here to help.

    At Dominical Real Estate, we provide you with the information you need when you are searching for residential or commercial properties for sale or rent in the Southern Pacific region of Costa Rica. We focus on the properties that are located in Dominical, a small coastal town with pristine ocean waters that is teeming with diversity. Here, you can enjoy bird watching and year-round surfing, among many other things.

    You can browse through our website for comprehensive listings of some of the best properties for sale or rent in Dominical and the surrounding nearby coastal communities. You can also use our Multiple Listing Service to conveniently find your preferred property according to type, size, and price range.

    Our extensive property list includes residential lots, single detached homes, rural acreages, farms and ranches, and commercial establishments. Aside from Dominical, you will also find a lot of properties in Uvita, Hatillo, Playa Matapalo, Platanillo, Tinamastes, Ojochal, San Isidro, and Manuel Antonio.

    If you're not sure where to start, feel free to ask our agents to assist you as you search for real state for sale in Costa RicaTo communicate with our agents, click on the the chat box located on the lower right bottom of our website, then type in the required information to start chatting.

    You can also set up an appointment to meet with our realtors. Our founders Saul Rasminsky, a British surfer who now lives in Dominical, and Wendy Vargas Marchena, a homegrown realtor with an extensive knowledge of the area can help you find the best property for your goals and budget.

    Tourism is booming in Dominical, because it is attracting more and more travelers and surfers from around the world. For more information or to check out the Surf Webcam, visit

  • Real Estate For Sale in Costa Rica Comes with Adventure Packages

    Posted by Saul Rasminsky


    Purchase real estate for sale in Costa Rica and get either a FREE white water rafting or a FREE zipline tour for TWO.

    Valid until December 31, 2013.

    Costa Rica is one of the planet's ultimate tropical paradises, and if you decide to invest in real estate for sale in Costa Rica with us, you'll get to kick off your permanent vacay with a choice between two adventure packages: a thrilling white water rafting trip with the Rafiki Safari Lodge, or an exciting zoom through the mountain tops with the OSA Canopy Tour. Of course, we won't only treat you to such fun activities, because you could also bring along a friend or sweetheart – on us!

    Costa Rica is famous for different attractions, and white water rafting and ziplining are among the many things it is known for. Filled with many natural wonders, Costa Rica has been a popular vacation spot for millions of tourists all over the world. With beautiful beaches, majestic mountain ranges, and a rich cultural heritage, Costa Rica is a true gem that can become your home.

    By acquiring Costa Rica real estate for sale, you not only get to witness the beauty of the “Rich Coast”, you get to live in it, too!

    • Choice of either FREE White Water Rafting or FREE Zipline Tour for 2 people upon sale of property.
    • Offer valid until December 31, 2013.
  • View Lovely Real Estate in Costa Rica—and Learn to Surf for Free!

    Posted by Saul Rasminsky


    Free two-hour surf lessons for potential real estate buyers. Valid until the end of 2013.

    Check out our lovely Costa Rica real estate properties and end up riding the waves!

    Dominical in Costa Ballena is a haven for surfers and water sports enthusiasts. It is also a door to the fascinating shoreline, mountains, and other outdoor attractions of Costa Rica. As the country heads to its Independence Day holiday this September 15, Dominical is giving free two-hour surfing lessons to all potential buyers of Costa Rica real estate properties – a treat one shouldn't miss.

    For most people, Independence Day is a commemoration of freedom, but for Costa Ricans, it's also a celebration of life. Since declaring their independence from Spain in 1821, Costa Ricans have made the most of each day, giving the country a warm and laid-back ambiance.

    Costa Rica has been dubbed by numerous travel magazines as one of the world's best travel destinations. Recently, however, it has been the general consensus that Costa Rica offers much more than a temporary refuge from highly urbanized living. It's an ideal place to settle in after retirement, or even to start a business.

    Why opt for a temporary vacation when you can have your fill of the forests, outdoor recreation, and unspoiled wildlife for good? Start viewing lovely real estate in Costa Rica now.

    • Free two-hour surf lessons for potential buyers who view our listed properties.
    • Lessons are valid until the end of the year.
  • Expatriates in Paradise: Buying Real Estate For Sale in Costa Rica

    Posted by Saul Rasminsky

    More foreign investors are finding their slice of paradise in beautiful Costa Rica. Jaime Lopez, writer for the Costa Rica Star, reports on the boom in real estate sales and development, largely from foreign investors who contributed up to $377 million to the national economy for the first quarter of 2013 alone. The attraction could be due to Cost Rica's reputation as one of the top scoring happiest countries on the planet, but it's more likely the surge in government acquisition of real estate and other assets from delinquent owners, which are put on the open market at discounted rates.

    In the wake of these buying and selling activities, many investors are scrambling to hitch their fortunes on Costa Rican commercial and residential properties. While the government may make it more convenient for foreign investors to purchase real estate for sale in Costa Rica, but the government itself has advised investors to proceed with caution in a still-volatile market.

    Before you make any major moves that involve parting with your money, do some serious research by checking the place out. Book a ticket, and visit Costa Rica, making sure you know the right people to meet. Although you can find a lot of information online, getting to know the local Ticos and Ticas (men and women) will also get you to become familiar the types of people you would be living and dealing with if you choose to live out the remainder of your days in this country.

    Since foreign investments have been pouring in recent years, it's likely you'll find expats and immigrants from many different countries who will be excellent sources of information for just about anything you need to know about investing, living, and applying for residency in the country. An American passport and a return ticket grants you a 90-day stay; but once you apply for residency, you can stay as long as you want in the country, and buy real estate.

    According to the news agency La Nacion, residential investments have been particularly robust in the Pacific coastal housing market. On the other hand, those who buy Costa Rica real estate for sale in the Central Valley and San Jose's Greater Metropolitan Area, are focused more on setting up commercial or business enterprises. This boom in the country's real estate market, La Nacion reports, has been at its highest since the year 2000,.

    Before making your decision to join the buying frenzy, it's important to be vigilant about the claims being made about properties offered to you. For example, writer R. Pete Peterson says that when handling businesses in partnership or limited partnership with someone, it's important to put the title of the property under your name, or your company's name, and have all documents duly notarized. Note that it could take a month to complete your application to the Real Estate Property Registry. Any agent who's always rushing you to buy should raise a few flags, alerting you to proceed cautiously.

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  • Prime Real Estate in Costa Rica & the Various Attractions of Puntarenas

    Posted by Saul Rasminsky

    Open season is all but declared on repossessed assets in Costa Rica. The Banco Nacional Costa Rica announced on June 2013 that it would be selling off assets it has repossessed due to delinquent payments. The move is touted as a win-win situation for prospective buyers because of the wide array of assets up for grabs, such as vehicles, lots, and houses.

    The fact that such fine Costa Rica real estate is being offered for sale—many units at discounts of up to 25 percent their market value—should encourage those who want to migrate to the country for residential or business purposes. La Republica is in good standing worldwide due to its stable economy and government, sound foreign relations, growing tourist industry, and pristine natural wonders. If you are looking for an ideal place in Costa Rica to live the retiree life, check out Puntarenas Province which is highly recommended by many locals and expats. Various properties are being offered for sale and rent across this province's several cantons.

    Retirees will also have to register for a residency permit with the authorities and produce requirements, such as support from a legitimate pension fund with at least $1,000 in monthly stipends.

    Banco Nacional's property asset sale is expected to kick off an exhibition this coming August in Santa Cruz, Guanacaste Province; though similar events may take place across the country later this year. A real estate company like Dominical Real Estate has properties registered with the Public Registry's folio real, which will make the acquisition of residential and commercial properties stress-free.

    People seeking out a mortgage for Banco Nacional's asset sale should take into account fixed-interest rates that range from 5.5 percent to 8 percent, with the amount to be paid within 20 to 30 years. Aside from being located in a tranquil and pristine location, prime real estate in Costa Rica offers pensionados with clean living, and many opportunities for recreation and investment. Discussions with your realtor can result in investment opportunities for land that can be redeveloped.

    As tourism is one of Costa Rica's booming industries, potential uses for the subject property include golf courses, agricultural farms, restaurants, and even beachfront resorts in prime locations. Those who are looking for residential properties can consider various homes, ranging from 2-bedroom houses to 10-bedroom mansions. Dominical and nearby coast communities in Puntarenas provide majestic views of the Pacific Ocean, with the area being long frequented by surfers.

    People who place a premium on culinary excellence will relish the fresh seafood and fruit that is available all-year round. Popular tourist attractions include Paseo de Los Turistas (which is a pedestrian boulevard that stretches along the southern edge of Puntarenas), Puntarenas Marine park (which showcases manta rays and other exotic creatures from the Pacific), and La Casa de La Cultura (which is an art gallery that stages exhibits, performances, and cultural events). With so many attractive qualities and advantages, its no wonder that Costa Rica is considered to be a traveler's and retiree's paradise.

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