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Manuel Antonio National Park

                                                   Manuel Antonio National Park - The most visited of Costa Rica's parks.

Located in Central Pacific Area in a small conservation National Park.
Know for its Banana boat rides, beautiful beaches, hiking trials, and their mammals and tons of species of birds. 

Manuel Antonio beach offers you the banana boat ride adventure for a great price. Perfect for a group of friends that just want to take a wild ride in to our oceans! This consist of an inflatable  in a shape of a banana being pulled by a boat and just drifting away while enjoying the beautiful sites.

This Costarican beach is just amazing with its crystal clear waters, no danger what so ever and perfect for 1st time surfers.
An awesome get away for friends and family to enjoy a nice and peaceful vacation. This beach is known for its calm waves, warm waters, quiet and relaxing.
The beach is a long stretch of clean sand. So natural but still not isolated!

This beach offers you an amazing hiking experience where you get to see all kinds of animals like the 2 toed sloths, over 184 species of birds like the kingfisher, brown pelican, laughing falcon, 4 different type of monkeys and iguanas recharging in the sunlight. A great place to enjoy the natural wildlife. 

There are 5 different types of trials.
The Main Trail: which is a 1/2 mile long on sandy land, this trial passes by mangrove swamps on its way to the beaches.
The Cathedral Point Trail: An outcropping of land that used to be an island but is now joined to the mainland, the trail might be a little slippery at times but only in the rainy season.
The Trampa Trail: Connects the beginning and end of Cathedral Point Trail, a very short path.
The Playa Gemelas: A mile walk through the forest to two other beaches of the same names.
The Mirador Trail: The most challenging climb close to a mile long to a beautiful lookout gazer.
6There's more to Manuel Antonio National Park - from horse back riding to snow cones and live music to jet skiing and drinking fresh coconut water.

Domincal Real Estate is located only 30 minutes from Manuel Antonio National Park, one of the great things about living here is that you can go and enjoy the beaches any time you want! Many people decide to buy property here because of Manuel Antonio and all that it has to offer!!!!
Here is the link to one of our featured listings in the Manuel Antonio area.......

Published Friday, May 22, 2015 3:45 PM by Dominical Real Estate

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