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Retiring in Paradise: Reasons to Buy Real Estate in Costa Rica

The Happy Planet Index names Costa Ricans as the happiest people in the planet; and why wouldn’t they be? With stretches of beautiful scenery, great weather all year round, and healthcare that’s both high quality and affordable, anyone would have a lot of reasons to smile. It’s no wonder buying real estate in Costa Rica is very appealing to retirees.

Traveler’s Paradise

Known as the Switzerland of Central America, Costa Rica is known for its laidback lifestyle, captivating natural beauty, and peaceful democracy. This tropical paradise is host to a wide variety of activities that appeal to adventure junkies and chic travelers alike. You can cruise the cloud forest in the morning, visit an active volcano in the afternoon, and chill on a seemingly endless sandy beach with a cold one by sunset.

Retiree’s Paradise

It’s impossible not to fall in love with Costa Rica on one’s first visit. For some who have been to this country more than a couple of times, the prospect of retiring here seems like a dream that can actually come true. Here are some of the reasons you should consider checking out an MLS for Costa Rica by companies like Dominical Real Estate to plan your retirement.

Cost of Living

Living large on a pension is possible in this country. The average Tico earns a little over ten thousand dollars annually. Although that doesn’t seem like much, only one out of five residents lives below the poverty line. Retirees can live comfortably with a thousand to two thousand dollars a month, utilities included.

Quality of Living

If you ask retirees living in Costa Rica why they chose to live in this country, you’re bound to get one answer: improved quality of living. How can you go wrong in a nation that is wholly committed to environmental preservation and promoting carbon neutrality? Furthermore, residents have access to a highly rated yet affordable public health care system known as the Caja.

Your golden years and hard-earned pension should be spent on enjoying the finest things in life. After years of working in cramped and polluted cities, your retirement years can be spent where you can feel relaxed and at peace. With that said, what can be better than eating good food, meeting warm people, and waking up to paradise every single day?

Published Tuesday, March 26, 2013 12:19 AM by Saul Rasminsky

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thierry dominguez said:


je ne sais si mon post en francais pourra etre utile a quelqu un mais voila ma petite experience avec cette superbe agence.

Petite precission : pas avec Saul mais son "associé" DAREN

lors de ma venue a dominical pour rechercher un terrain je suis tombé sur un escroc qui vous annonces les prix des terrains avec 10 20 voire 30000 dollars de plus que ceux qui sont affichés sur ce site  quand vous faite une proposition celle ci n'est pas transmise si le montant lui permettant de toucher sa commission n'est pas suffisant

il a des methodes de ventes type closing tres aux point avec ses petits copains agent immobilier a dominical (agence Green quelque chose dans la meme rue ) ou meme a  uvita

et quand vous le lui expliqué il essais de vous envoyer des commerciaux qui ne sortent de l'on ne sait ou


j'ai enormement d'exemple ou les prix sont surevalué par rapport a d'autres aménageurs

celui ci m'a été présenté par le DAREN a 149000

lorsque je suis rentré en france je l'ai trouvé a 125000 de plus soi disant qu'apres mon offre a 100000 le vendeur etait ok pour 120000

il ont accepté une de mes offres a 75000 pour un terrain a uvita alors que le soi disant vendeur avait une offre a 85000 sur un autre terrain

Ils n'ont aucune connaissance en droit des sols ou de construction !!!

voila mon petit coup de gueule !!

mon mail est

si vous avez besoin de renseignements n'hesitez pas

March 27, 2013 9:53 AM

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Carla Mcgee said:

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April 23, 2018 4:07 AM

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